Yak and Yeti comes to Denver!

Startstair case and palm treesing Oct 8th, 2014 there will be a third Yak & Yeti location in South Denver.   9755 E Hampden Avenue is the newest Yak & Yeti location (just across the street from Kennedy Golf Course just east from Yosemite a few blocks).   This will be called Yak & Yeti Restaurant and Event Center.  The place can cater approximately 300 people with another 75 on the outdoor patiofront.  The patio wraps around 3 sides of the restaurant (north, west and south sides).  The bar is quite large and there is a curved staircase that brings you upstairs to the library (sound familiar, anyone).   These photos are as it looks today with the exception that the palm trees were gone before we moved in.  Parking seems to be plentiful as there is a parking lot that basically wraps 360 degrees around the entire building.

If you are interested in renting the event center for a wedding, private event or next excuse to throw a killer party, please contact Dol Bhattarai at (303) 751-9443.   In the meantime stop by for the lunch buffet that runs from 11AM-3PM daily for only $10.95.   You can also still get the Y&Y craft beer favorites like the Chai Milk Stout, Himalayan IPA and GF Apple Ale.

Hope to see you on Wednesday, Oct 8th or very soon.

Yak & Yeti Restaurant and Event Center

9755 E Hampden Avenue

Denver, CO 80231

(303) 751-9443


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  • Arvada


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  • Oscuro Navidad Grand Cru


    Oscuro Navidad Grand Cru is a Belgian-style ale with made-from-scratch dark Belgian Candi Syrup.  The beer is 10.5%ABV and a low 25 ibus so it comes across as big and sweet with a strong Belgian-style character.   The beer doesn’t have any fruit added, but the yeast has converted many of the sugars to some amazing fruity esters.  As the beer warms you can pick out different fruit flavors like grapes, plums and cherries.

    The name means Dark Christmas and this beer is dark and I feel it is a great beer for sipping by the fire close to the Holidays.


    Introducing the Growler-of-the-Month Club

    card - photo

    So this isn’t a cheesy jelly-of-the-month club where we send you bad beer each month, but rather a huge discount (~50%) for those who get growler fills on a regular basis.   The program is simple,  sign up for a Growler-of-the-Month Club card for only $110 ($207 value!) get your free empty logo growler.  You can have it filled immediately, if you’d like!  Then stop in each subsequent month (any day of the week, any day of the month) and have it refilled for free for a whole year!

    If you register your card (optional), you will also receive a $10 credit for an appetizer or any food on your birthday.growler club

    The only fine print, is ($16 fill or less) which means that if we have a rare or higher alcohol beer and the cost is usually more than $16 that you’ll only have to pay the difference.  (for instance our West-Coast Glutton Double Red at 9.6% is usually $22 for a fill, you can get this for only $6 extra).  Even at $16 per fill, this is a huge savings, compare $110 to $207!

    They make great gifts for that craft beer person in the family too!   The rest of the details can be found on our website here.

    Lavender Warrior Saison


    What are two things that Shelly Blais loves?  Yoga and Lavender.   Shelly is a yoga instructor for her own business “Shelly Blais Yoga” who facilitates the Yak and Yeti’s Poses and Pints (usually) on the first Sunday of each month from 11AM-Noon in the upstairs dining area.warrior

    For those that don’t know where the name of the beer comes from , “Warrior” is a name of a yoga pose.  And lavender is a plant.  LOL.  The Lavender Warrior Saison comes in at whopping 10.5% & 25ibus and was made as a collaboration with Shelly and a few of the students from her studio.   Stop by at 3PM on Sat. Aug 23rd for the release party and meet the brewers of this delicious collaboration!

    Lavender Warrior SaisonYou can also like her on facebook here.