2015 Blessing of the Bock

Every Mardi Gras we release the “(Yakety Yak) Don’t Talk Bock” with a Blessing ceremony by a ministerBockCeremony.  This year Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, Feb 17th, 2015.  Join us at 4PM for the tapping of the Bock and the Blessing at 5PM.


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  • Arvada






  • Sherpa Porter – winter seasonal 2015


    Released just before the end of 2014 (hey, the car dealerships start in Aug!).  This is the 4th installment of the Sherpa Porter.   This is an English-style porter that is way to big to be a brown porter but on the very low end of a robust porter.   All English malt, hops and yeast (with Arvada, CO water).  Sherpa Porter comes in at 5.0% and 32 ibus with no roasted barley flavors, rather lots of chocolate malt and sweet crystal malts.

    The name doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but is an oxymoron of sorts, rather a redundancy.   Double redundant?   Porters are named after the person/occupation and were known to carry things, presumably on the shipping docks in England.   Sherpas are also people and are associated with the occupation of carrying climber’s gear and guiding them to the peaks in the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet.   So a carrier of a carrier.

    Draeger (my last name) comes from the German word Traeger, rather the German-spelled Träger which means Porter, or carrier.    Draeger’s Sherpa Porter?  We might as well take a “growler” of it home.


    Disgruntled Pumpkin Ale


    The first year I made this it was at 11:11AM on 11-11-11, as a collaboration with some homebrewing friends of the Yak & Yeti.  Then was asked to make it again the following year. disgruntled_geriatric_by_rhynodesign-d3281et  I tried to not make it last year, but had such overwhelming response to brew it again the felt pressured into doing it. (We had a FB naming contest and the name “disgruntled pumpkin” seemed most appropriate).   I didn’t even argue this year, although I’m still a little disgruntled.  LOL!

    Disgruntled Pumpkin is a 6.0% and 27ibu spiced pumpkin ale.  I went a little lighter on the spices this year, so the vanilla is out of balance, but it is a solid beer.

    Come give it a try just in time for Halloween.  On tap as of today.



    Yak and Yeti comes to Denver!


    Startstair case and palm treesing Oct 8th, 2014 there will be a third Yak & Yeti location in South Denver.   9755 E Hampden Avenue is the newest Yak & Yeti location (just across the street from Kennedy Golf Course just east from Yosemite a few blocks).   This will be called Yak & Yeti Restaurant and Event Center.  The place can cater approximately 300 people with another 75 on the outdoor patiofront.  The patio wraps around 3 sides of the restaurant (north, west and south sides).  The bar is quite large and there is a curved staircase that brings you upstairs to the library (sound familiar, anyone).   These photos are as it looks today with the exception that the palm trees were gone before we moved in.  Parking seems to be plentiful as there is a parking lot that basically wraps 360 degrees around the entire building.

    If you are interested in renting the event center for a wedding, private event or next excuse to throw a killer party, please contact Dol Bhattarai at (303) 751-9443.   In the meantime stop by for the lunch buffet that runs from 11AM-3PM daily for only $10.95.   You can also still get the Y&Y craft beer favorites like the Chai Milk Stout, Himalayan IPA and GF Apple Ale.

    Hope to see you on opening day! Opening day is on Halloween day, October 31st, 2014!

    Yak & Yeti Restaurant and Event Center

    9755 E Hampden Avenue

    Denver, CO 80231

    (303) 751-9443


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