Saison du Yak


Ask a Belgian beer lover what the quintessential Saison is and they’d most likely say Saison Dupont (original named Saison Vielle Provision).  Brasserie Dupont has only been around since 1950, although this farmhouse style of beer has been around for hundreds of years before.   A saison-farmhouse-style beer can be almost anything but most people have agreed upon some standards.   Color can be light to amber to dark but most saisons are very light in color.  The flavor is always estery and phenolic (spicy, not medicinal) and the body always finishes dry and never sweet.  The beer is usually highly carbonated and preferred to be bottle conditioned although in America where we emulate the style, this isn’t the case.

beer100705_560In Colorado, Funkwerks has brought home a gold & silver medals from the GABF for their Saison-style ale.  Avery also wslovenia mapon a gold for their Liopard Oir Farmhouse Saison at the GABF last year.   Other Colorado breweries that have GABF medals for Saison: Backcountry, Aspen and Great Divide.   There might be others that I’ve missed but the point is a great saison can be made here in Colorado.

The Yak & Yeti – Saison du Yak is smaller and more sessionable than a traditional 6-7.5% saison (usually referred to as a Saison Grisette) and was designed to be refreshing for the summer months and comes in at 5.3% ABV and 21 ibus.   All the flavor and aroma hops are Styrian Goldings Bobek, which are grown in Solvenia.  (most traditional Belgian hops are grown in Germany, Czech or Solvenia but many are starting to use American-grown hops for their hoppy Belgian Pale Ales)

Unlike most of our Belgian-style taps that we serve responsibly in 10-oz glassware, we are choosing to sell this in full 16-oz pours.  Ahh, so refreshing!

On tap this summer at the Brewpub and select locations around the Denver Metro.



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  • For the fourth straight year we are announcing the schedule for the Wheat Wednesdays.  If you don’t know what this is…each Wednesday at 4PM we release a special keg of flavored beer.  Never artificial, always fresh fruits and real spices.   Excessively awesome! (usually about a lb of fruit per GALLON, not per bbl, like most brewers will announce.   But, if you’d rather have something for comparison,…31 lbs of strawberries per barrel, is freaking lot of strawberries!)
    1. June 25th – Strawberry
    2. July 2nd – Cherry
    3. July 9th – Clove
    4. July 16th – Blueberry
    5. July 23rd – Ginger
    6. July 30th – Cantaloupe
    7. Aug 6th – Raspberry
    8. Aug 13th – Roasted Peppers
    9. Aug 20th – TBA

    Hope to see you at the next release.

    Two Ponds Honey Blonde Release

    two ponds poster-2014

    Sort of forgot to pre-announce this beer’s arrival as it was already released on Friday, June 20th, 2014.

    Two Ponds Honey Blonde is a lower alcohol summer beer that is quite refreshing if you enjoy clover honey.  The clover comes through very strong as the beer doesn’t have much to hide.  4.6%ABV and 22 ibus and very light in color.

    So if you are sitting the porch of the Yak & Yeti in the heat, grab a Two Ponds and enjoy!


    Sesquicentennial Release Party! (Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 at 3PM)


    Sequicentennial (Sasquatchcentennial?)  This word means the 150th year and our Victorian-style haunted house that our restaurant and brewery are located is turning 150 years old this year.   Built in 1864 by Eli Allen it is the oldest standing building in Arvada today!

    We want to celebrate with you!  Tuesday, July 1st at 3PM we are starting the festivities.  The first 150 people that arrive will receive a commemorative pint glass and sticker and coaster.  Adam also brewed a special batch of 150 Pale Ale, which is an American-style Pale Ale made with 44lbs of Indian Jaggery.  Jaggery is a type of sugar that tastes very tropical, like dried papaya fruit.  So the beer has strong American citrus hops blended with the tropical fruit flavors from the jaggery.

    We’ll also have some old architectural prints and platte maps that we found up in the attic on display for all to see.1collage-1

    Hope to see you there.