Seasonal Selections

* All beers subject to availability.

GF Apple Ale

GF stands for gluten-free as this ale is made with cider and sorghum. Looks like a cider, tastes likes a cider but is still technically an ale. (A hop pellet for good measure)

Off Kilter 80

Off Kilter is a Scottish Ale style pronounced “eighty shilling”. This beer is malty with notes of nuts and honey. Low hops.

Brahmin Dubbel Knowledge

An amber-colored, yeasty with a distinct banana ester this Belgian Abbey-style Dubbel is made with 25lbs of house-made Belgian candy syrup. Hopped with StyrianGoldings and nobel hops from Germany.


A Belgian-Abbey-Style Tripel that is big in alcohol and even bigger in fruity and citrus flavors. There is no fruit or spice added to this beer, it all comes from the special strain of yeast.

Milk Stout

This stout is a based on an English milk stout which is creamier and more smooth than a dry stout. There is a residual sweetness due to the fact that brewer’s yeast cannot ferment lactose.

Brown Rice and Honey Ale

This barley-based beverage has been made using a few non-traditional beer ingredients. The clover honey gives an aromatic sweet quality while the brown rice lends a nutty, spicy flavor. Based on an English Brown Ale style this beer is not as dark or hoppy as its American counterparts.

AbominAle Mild

This English Mild is our session beer for those looking for flavor without all the alcohol. The malt flavors incorporate nutty, caramel, roast, & chocolate with just enough hops for a balanced beer. Treat yourself to another session beer.

(Yakety Yak) Don’t Talk Bock

This is a traditional Lenten beer in Germany called a Bockbier. It is a malt-heavy lager and is slightly sweet showcasing toasted notes and melenoidens.

Victorian Sunrise Wheat

Cloudy beer with slight hints of clove and obvious banana esters.

Imperial Saison du Yak

A fruity, cloudy/yeasty and very dry and refreshing Belgian farmhouse-style ale. Hopped with Styrian Goldings.

Purnima Pale Ale

American-style pale ale with Chinook and Centennial hops. These hops impart a very strong citrus flavor and aromas with hints of pine.

La Bhutan (Belgian Blonde Ale)

A fruity, yeasty and slightly alcoholic blonde ale with wheat malt for extra creamy mouthfeel. Hopped with Styrian Goldings

Sherpa Porter

This beer is smooth, dark and chocolately/roasty making it too big for a brown porter, it is instead on the light side of a Robust Porter.

Thin Air ESB

Classic English Extra Special Bitter with malt, hops and yeast all from across the pond. Similar to a sessionable American Pale Ale but with a bit more English.

Two Ponds Pale Ale

Traditional APA but with 60lb of clover honey.

Yak & Yeti Oktoberfest

A malty German-style Marzen. German malt, hops and yeast, with Colorado water.

BK Golden Strong

Belgian-style Golden Strong (Duvel is the classic style) – fruity esters, high in alcohol, very light in color. Uses the La Chouffe strain of yeast.

Raj Mahal

Belgian-style Red Ale with Bastogne yeast

Devil’s Wine  

Pro-Am Barleywine featuring Dr. Matt Kriewall

Chocolate Frosting Stout

Creamy and dark just like Adam’s mom used to make cake frosting

Rupee Red

American-style Red Ale

Saison du Yak

A fruity, cloudy/yeasty and very dry and refreshing sessionable Belgian farmhouse-style ale. Hopped with Styrian Goldings

Two Ponds Honey Blonde

American wheat blonde with honey

Oscuro Navidad Grand Cru

Belgian dark strong with homemade dark candy syrup.

Cherry Bhutan

Belgian Blonde ale flavored with a lb of sweet cherries per gallon. The Bastogne yeast is the same Belgian yeast that Orval uses but their bottled version is bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces and ours isn’t.

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