This beer isn’t new to Yak & Yeti, but we haven’t brewed in a few years, I originally called it Atomic Firebeer the first time it was released. And then Red Hots Wheat. (I kept thinking of the 1973 Golding Earring song “Radar Love” because when I was growing up I always thought the lyrics were “Red Hot Love!”)

But now re-named “Cinnamon Love Lager” made from our award winning Namaste Pilsner and Red Hots candy!

Red Hots are made by Ferrara Pan who also makes Lemon Heads and Boston Baked Beans Candy.  More information about them:

  • Red Hots brand candy were developed in the 1930’s
  • “Cinnamon Imperials” is a generic name used by the candy industry to indicate a piece of cinnamon hard candy (“Cinnamon Imperials Beer” has a nice ring to it, but beer lovers would be expecting a high proof alcohol instead)
  • This candy is made at 245degF in a vacuum, which removes all the moisture and turns into the hard candy we know
  • There is actually an inner candy and an outer candy shell (both made from sugar)
  • Due to the coloring in the candy, the beer turns bright RED!
  • The cinnamon flavor is strongly spicy but not necessarily hot like an atomic fireball. (does this mean we won’t have beer breath?)

So stop by on Wednesday Feb 10th, 2016 for the release of this beer, it will be served as a small batch and available through St. Valentine’s Day, not sure how much longer it will last after that.


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