Released every year mid-fall, this is the 5th installment of the Sherpa Porter. This is an English-style porter that is way to big to be a brown porter but on the very low end of a robust porter. All English malt, hops and yeast (with Arvada, CO water). Sherpa Porter comes in at 5.0% and 32 ibus with no roasted barley flavors, rather lots of chocolate malt and sweet crystal malts.

The name doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but is an oxymoron of sorts, rather a redundancy. Double redundant? Porters are named after the person/occupation and were known to carry things, presumably on the shipping docks in England. Sherpa’s are also people and are associated with the occupation of carrying climber’s gear and guiding them to the peaks in the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet. So a carrier of a carrier.

Draeger (my last name) comes from the German word Traeger, rather the German-spelled Träger which means Porter, or carrier. Draeger’s Sherpa Porter? We might as well take a “growler” of it home.


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